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    Hazardous waste disposal in Toronto
    Industrial, commercial & institutional Canadian hazardous waste disposal
    Hazardous waste disposal, industrial waste disposal, regulated waste disposal, PCB destruction & many other waste disposal services
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    Effective wastewater treatment services
    Wide range of recycling & environmental services
    Industrial wastewater treatment, transformer site services, lamp recycling, oily water disposal, PCB on-site services, transformer oil recycling, & more
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    Greater Toronto Area hazardous waste disposal
    25 years servicing Toronto, Ontario & other regions of Canada
    Oil recovery, analytical & testing services, electrical equipment recycling, institutional waste management, remediation & demolition, & assured destruction

Welcome to Aevitas Inc.!

For 25 years, our company has been an environmentally responsible, industry recognized leader in hazardous waste disposal in the greater Toronto area, and across Canada. Our hazardous waste disposal Toronto team delivers commercial, industrial and institutional clients innovative, ecologically sound and cost effective hazardous waste disposal solutions for their one-of-a-kind waste streams. We own and operate multiple state-of-the-art facilities that fully comply with the strict standards necessary to safely and conveniently provide a comprehensive array of hazardous waste disposal solutions to a variety of industries. Our industry is exposed to continuously changing rules and regulations, and demands high standards of excellence to ensure the well-being of our customers, vendors, staff, and the communities we serve. Our outstanding customer service and development of pioneering environmental protection methods make us stand above other hazardous waste disposal service providers. Our full suite of Canadian environmental services includes:

The primary objective of our hazardous waste disposal Toronto team is to supply economically viable and permanent hazardous waste processing and control options for a variety of specialty materials in the industrial, institutional and commercial waste markets. Trust Aevitas to help you maximize your recovery of valuable by-products through our national hazardous waste collection network. Depend on us to assist your company with all of its environmental challenges!

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